Privacy Policy


Ranjana Cinemas respects your privacy when it comes to your confidential detail and the material you save in our service. This privacy statement informs users of our policies involving the storage, use, and sharing of Personal Information collected .

We acknowledge that when you choose to supply us with information about yourself, you are putting your faith in us to act responsibly. This information enables us to optimize your cinema experience by offering better content, services, and opportunities.




When you're using our mobile app and services, we gather a range of data about you through our online registration process, which may include the name of the individual enrolling, location, gender, phone number, email address, user name, and password. We may also gather any additional details you offer when engaging with us.


We gain insight regarding your movie tastes. For example, we may collect data such as what movies you buy tickets for or which cinemas you visit. We reserve the right to keep information supplied or uploaded to the service. We may save information sent or posted to the service. We may keep correspondence sent to us, such as emails or letters. We may collect and analyze input from users on online polls, advertisements, surveys, and questionnaires.





While we may collect and keep information, we retain the ability to erase any and all information and records at any time.




We utilize statistical information to improve your user experience by delivering content that is relevant to your tastes, among many other things. We may use the contact details you supply us to update you on new programs or special discounts that we or our collaborators are providing, to send you movie-related material, or to perform survey questionnaires or other similar activities.


We do not sell or rent any of our customer's personal information to third parties. However, descriptive statistics of customer usage are carried out in order to evaluate engagement , and the company may openly discuss such data with existing and potential advertisers, as well as other relevant foreign entities. This material is merely aggregated data (such as findings), and no individual disclosure is included.


However, We may disclose the personally identifiable information only on:

  • Expressed authorization of the user to do so

  • The provision of the requested service demands so

  • Requirements to comply with the governing law

  • Opportunity to add value to the user

  • In response to demand by law enforcement authorities



We have set up measures to safeguard the data under our authority from loss, abuse, and modification. We use a firewall to safeguard our Site's protected regions. Although Ranjana has suitable safeguards in place, the site has engaged with Verisign to provide additional security assurance. Even though the site is malware-free, the Client is encouraged to use virus scanners for further protection, since we are not responsible for any viruses picked up during transmission.



If you have any questions about this privacy statement, you can email us at