About us

Ranjana Cineplex is a multiplex  with the best cinema technology in the country where you can enjoy a broad range of films, from all parts of the world.



Ranjana Movie Hall, Kathmandu's second oldest cinema theater, has long been a part of Nepal's film culture. Ranjana Cinema opened its doors for the first time in 1956. It was the go-to place for movies in the valley, being jam packed during weekends.  During its glory days, King Mahendra and his family would occasionally visit Ranjana to watch movies.

Ranjana Cineplex looks to continue this legacy.


Info on Audis 

Audi 1



4K/3D projection

Dolby Atmos

Surround Sound

251 seat capacity


Audi 2


2k projection

7.1 surround sound

118 seat capacity


Audi 3


2k projection

7.1 surround sound

164 seating capacity 

Our mission is "To provide a movie experience like never before "

We are the first in Nepal to bring Luis Wassmann powered speakers.

Luis Wassmann is well-known brand around the world for producing top-tier products. It offers a world-class selection of Cinema & Home Cinema speakers. With the greatest sound technology in the country, you will have an experience that you will not be able to obtain anyplace else.

We are equipped with a Barco Powered Projection and triple beam 3D system.

The triple beam 3D system and Barco Powered Projection combines high-quality source material with a perfect, high-resolution projection. Not only will you have the best sound system, but you will also have a world-class visual experience along with 3D.

We provide you with the optimal environment in which one can watch movies.

We don't simply give the finest movie experience possible with technology, but also with a team of people that make you feel at ease and the yummy cuisine that will make you want to devour it.